Tarot - Major Arcana II - The Tower

Meaning of The Tower, Major arcana tarot card

The Tower
The Tower

What you hold most dear is nothing more than illusion. False beliefs, false institutions, fixed ideas, fixed structures.

High and lofty towers that seek to separate themselves from the world. An inflated ego that make a person feel superior and better than others. The pride that comes before a fall.

The concept that wealth comes from material goods. The false belief that mankind can control nature. Those that seek to retain special knowledge for themselves.

Entire cities and cultures that were once thought of as mighty empires are turned to dust. The Tower shows that nothing built upon a lie will remain in place for long.

It is a sharp and clear reminder that the universe and life is in constant motion. Moving, evolving, transforming, destroying in order to renew and build again.

It is time to breakdown the walls and towers you have created and behind which you shield yourself from the world. Wake up, be shaken , be shocked - let the lightning rod bring you back to Earth.

If life is putting you through a challenge then it is for your own good. The upset will no doubt be unsettling but it will change your view of the world for the better.

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