Tarot - Major Arcana II - Temperance

Symbols for Temperance, Major arcana tarot card



Derived from the Latin word "temperantia" meaning moderation and self-control. Verb form is "temperare" meaning to observe limits, to control oneself, but also to regulate, to mitigate, to mix properly and to temper.


The expression "Nothing Too Much" is an inscription on Apollo's temple at Delphi.

Cicle with a dot

Sun, perfection, spirit, the eye of God. Kether, the Crown.

Androgynous Angel

Blend of male and female attributes. One foot on the land, the other in the water denotes the unification of the external and internal, conscious and unconscious.


In Greek mythology Iris is personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. Iris links the gods to humanity.

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