Tarot - Major Arcana II - Temperance

Meaning of Temperance, Major arcana tarot card


Temperance is all about moderation, harmony, devoting time and effort into getting everything working perfectly.

It implies quiet cooperation, applying great care and patient to getting things just right. Your reward is a perfect blend and all aspects of your life working in harmony.

These days we often talk of work-life balance and our quest to adjust things so that no one aspect of our life dominates the others. It is not an easy task to achieve and one that will need to always be aware of. You can never assume for a moment that everything is just right - perfection and the perfect mix is an ideal that you can aspire to.

Temperance shows the way to getting everything working perfectly - fine adjustments to numerous factors will all make a difference. You can focus on experimentation, trying out different approaches to see what works best.

If you are faced with a conflict then the solution will be to bring the opposing forces together to look for compromise. If you are over indulging yourself or putting your effort into only one aspect of your life you need to work on restoring balance by showing restraint and moderation.

Health , vitality , harmony , unity, synthesis, positive progress are all your rewards if you apply yourself to this task.

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