Tarot - Major Arcana II - Death

Meaning of Death, Major arcana tarot card


Life is a circle full of change. Night follows day , Spring follows Winter. As one door closes another one opens.

Death is the card that illustrates these points. It is less concerned with physical death as opposed to the completion of a cycle, transformation from one stage to another.

You may feel sad to lose what you have now and you will naturally feel reluctant to accept that major change is taking place. The reality is that you have nothing to fear, accept this "death" as part of life, rejoice at what is on the horizon.

Before you can rise to the higher ground you must be humbled, before you can be reborn you must die, before you can see the rising Sun you must face the darkest hours before dawn.

Learn to "die" and have no fear of the illusion of death. You only live in the moment, each moments dies so that the future can unfold. The time is now to accept that transformation and major change are forces that are working in your life. Accept what comes to pass. Life will make you see what is truly important - as one door closes another will open.

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