Astrology Star Sign - Taurus Star Sign Revealed

Taurus April 21st - May 21st

Born under the star sign of Taurus you are a reliable person with a loving and affectionate nature. You work your way through any problems that you may face with quiet resolve. Friends, family, colleagues at work and close loved ones know they can place their trust in you.

There is an earthy sensuality to your nature that is part of your personal appeal and magnetism. Once people get to know you they will see that you are caring, warm and supportive.

You have a natural gift for nurturing things and helping them grow. The focus of this gift is down to you but whether it is projects, children, people, causes you belief in, ideas, investments, plants and animals you act with a nice blend of practical support, discipline, devotion, responsibility and heart that leads to steady growth and success.

a loving and affectionate nature

As a Taurian you have a need for security and comfort yourself and no matter where you roam you like to setup a nice home for yourself with attractive surroundings.

You may spend your money on the things you love but in general you have a shrewd sense for business and like to keep on top of your finances.

While you are pretty easy going most of the time you have a forceful temper if you are pushed too far. Strong personal bonds are very important to you and you draw a lot of comfort from your friends, family and close personal relationships. For you these ties truly run deep and you want them to last.

The arts and nature are two other things that should be dear to your heart and offer you another source of pleasure, security and comfort.

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