Tarot - Major Arcana II - Justice

Meaning of Justice, Major arcana tarot card


Justice marks the start of the next series of ten cards within the Major Arcana. This is very apt as when the whole of the Major Arcana are looked upon as steps within a journey a review of progress would be the right thing to do at this point.

The time has come to suspend all action, review matters in a fair and just manner before taking a decision. Justice marks a realignment of anything that needs adjusting or is out of balance.

Whatever the situation the review will be impartial. Much like the legal system it will focus on seeking the truth based on cold hard facts and the outcome will be final and binding. Reason will be applied in an objective way, to seek the truth, to find out what needs to be changed in order that things are in order and justice is seen to be done.

If you want to progress then find those aspects of your life that need to be put in order. Seek to find balance. For example, if you have been devoting too much time to the pursuit of material possessions you will need to stop and move forward with much greater focus on the spiritual side of your life.

You may have a part of your past that is troubling you or a repeating pattern of behaviour that is hindering your progress. Until such matters are set straight you will continue to be hindered.

You and you alone are responsible and accountable for your actions. Accept what needs to be done so that your life is back in balance.

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