Astrology Star Sign - Aries Star Sign Revealed

Aries March 21st - April 20th

Born under the star sign of Aries provides you with bags of personality, vitality and full of infectious enthusiasm. An inner drive that ensures you don't want to take a back seat in life. Firm, idealistic, competitive and direct you express you views with fire and passion.

These traits may lead you to have a shorter fuse than most but any anger is short lived and what should shine through to others is your desire, free spirit, passion and general love of life.

warm and giving... a wonderful friend and partner

Your star sign of Aries makes you a warm and giving person. You can be a wonderful friend and partner as you wear your heart on your sleeve and won't be shy about expressing your emotions.

Often very idealistic your greatest disappointments can arise when others don't live up to your ideals. Life is never clear cut and as black and white as you would wish it to be. The setbacks that life throws in your path can never hold you back for very long - your bright, positive spirit drives you forward.

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