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swift messanger of the gods

Mercury gets its name from the Roman god of science, commerce and the messanger of the gods. It lives up to its fleet footed namesake with an orbit around the Sun only taking 88 days; swift Mercury can move through up to three constallations in our night skies within a single month.

It is a planet of extremes. The temperature during the day reaches 800 degrees Farienheit but at night it drops to -280. The widest range of temperatures on any of the planets.

Like the other terrestrial planets (Venus, Earth and Mars) Mercury is composed of rock and metal. Small and bright , the surface is similar to the Moon and will reflect approximately 6 percent of the sunlight it receives.

Mercury's poles contain ice but the floors of the craters at the poles are always shielded from sunlight, so the temperature can never get high enough to melt the ice.

The Roman god Mercury was known by the Ancient Greeks as both Apollo and Hermes depending on the time of day. The Ancient Greeks referred to Mercury as Apollo "the morning star" in the morning and Hermes "the evening star" in the evening.

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