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Uranus was discovered on March the 13th in 1781 by English astronomer William Herschel. It was orginally named by Herschel the Georgian Star in honour of King George III.

After the astronomer's death the planet was changed to Uranus as suggested by German astronomer Johann Bode. Bode thought that since Saturn was Jupiter's father then the next outward planet should be named after Saturn's father which was Uranus.

The third largest planet and different from all other planets. It has an atmosphere composed of hydrogen, helium, and methane. The methane gas absorbs red light and reflects blue light giving the planet a blue-green colour.

It is unusual as it is tipped on its side with the poles pointing towards the Sun. The cause is its magnetic field which tilts 60 degrees from the axis of rotation. It spins from east to west the opposite direction from the spin of Earth.

Uranus is the only planet that is called by a Greek rather than Roman name. The Greek god Uranus was ruler of the universe, god of the sky and father of twelve of the Titans.

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