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The Moon has been Earth's companion for over four billion years. One theory of it's creation is that it was once a part of Earth itself - the young Earth was hit by a massive asteroid and the debris from the impact eventually solidified into the Moon.

It holds a deep and mysterious attraction to us. The Moon has a direct impact on the Earth via the creation of tides. The oceans closest to the Moon are drawn by gravity toward the Moon which gives rise to high tides on the part of the Earth that is closest to Moon. As the oceans closest to the Moon are pulled out, the oceans at right angles them decrease in height slightly which generates low tides.

There is also a bond with the Sun too. It has a gravitational attraction to Earth that also causes tidal action but due to its distance from Earth the impact is smaller than that of the Moon.

When the Sun and Moon are aligned the combined gravitational forces create higher high tides and lower low tides known as "Spring Tides". When The Sun and Moon are at right angles to one another the forces as opposed to one another and the tides are lower than normal - "Neap Tides".

The eyesight of many mammals is sensitive to moonlight. Many of these animals have evolved so that their night vision can operate in only partial lunar illumination as they are most active at night.

Modern day life floods the sky with neon glow and man made electric light yet the first electrical company was only created in 1879 by Thomas Edison.

We can easily forget that most of human history has been influenced by the phases of the Moon. Hunting, fishing, planting , harvesting and how we organised our lives were all significantly influenced by The Moon.

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