Numerology - Number 9 Revealed

the assertion of positive energy

Number nine is the completion of the cycle of energy that flows from one to nine. All that has been experienced is integrated. Symbolised by the planet Mars it denotes the assertion of positive energy. This is both a creative and destructive force. As the old cycle dies a new one is born again.

It can apply to anyone born on the 9th,18th or 27th of any month but especially so if you were born under the star signs of Aries or Scorpio. It will be of great significance to you if the sum of all the numbers in your date of birth can be reduced to the number nine.

Often gifted in their selected field of work

A person with the influence of the number nine will be seen as having authority and can be looked upon as inspired or a source of inspiration to others.

Often gifted in their selected field of work they are enterprising and quick thinking. A number nine will be drawn to leadership, taking on responsibility or be driven in some manner to assert themselves upon the world.

There is a sense of underlying activity and energy in all they do. They are often very independent and wish to be in control of their own destiny. Resourceful, good at organisation they will display a strong sense of commitment to any cause they wish to support.

When the number nine brings its influence to bear on your life it will mark a time in which matters draw to a close and you prepare for new opportunities that lie ahead. Think of it as a period of transition, you will be active and potentially very busy indeed but you will need to reflect on the past. An ideal time to take the chance to review how things are going - what is working well in your life and what needs to be changed.

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