Numerology - Number 7 Revealed

an outlet to intuition, inspiration, imagination

Number seven is the influence of non-material side of life, the domain of the unconscious mind and spirit. Symbolised by the planet Neptune it denotes a subtle form of sensitivity and provides a bridge to the unconscious mind giving outlet to intuition, inspiration, imagination, spirituality independent and original thought.

It can apply to anyone born on the 7th,16th or 25th of any month but especially so if you were born under the star sign of Cancer. It will be of great significance to you if the sum of all the numbers in your date of birth can be reduced to the number seven.

original independent person writers, artists and scholars

A person with the influence of number seven will be seen as an original independent person with depth of character. They can be outgoing but part of their makeup is to be reflective and philosophical.

A number seven will love to absorb information and insights which can make good writers, artists, scholars and all manner of specialist.

There is a natural tendency to draw inward and to tap into unseen forces. They can then bring this to the outer world with imagination and creativity.

Within any number seven lies a deep rooted urge for freedom and independence; they will hate to feel restricted in any way.

When the number seven influences your life it will be a period in which the focus of growth is on internal matters - thoughts, feelings, intuition and imagination.

You may be drawn to spending time alone, developing yourself by learning new knowledge, refining your skills or by listening to your inner voice.

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