Numerology - Number 6 Revealed

a love of unity, harmony and empathy

Number six is the influence of nature and 'motherly love'. Symbolised by the planet Venus it denotes a love of unity, harmony, empathy and the ability to nurture others.

It can apply to anyone born on the 6th,15th or 24th of any month but especially so if you were born under the star signs of Taurus or Libra. It will be of great significance to you if the sum of all the numbers in your date of birth can be reduced to the number six.

affectionate, responsible sympathetic

A person with the influence of number six will be seen as an affectionate, responsible, sympathetic person capable of strong feelings.

They make loyal friends and have a deep appreciation for the all that is beautiful in life. If they are not artistic themselves they will be supportive of all forms of the arts.

They can be determined and work hard to serve the needs of those around them. They dislike discord and disharmony, however, they make a fierce opponent if roused to anger in support of a cause or person they feel attached to.

When the inflence of the number six impacts your life you can be sure that it is one in which you may have to face additional responsibility with regard to your family, friends, loved ones and any cause you feel strongly about.

The number six bring with it a very loving influence and it is an excellent time for anything that is related to home, family and personal relatonships.

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