Numerology - Number 4 Revealed

invention, independence and a desire to change

Number four has a strong connection with the creative force of one. Symbolised by the planet Uranus it denotes invention, independence and a desire to invoke dramatic change.

It can apply to anyone born on the 4th,13th,22nd or 31st of any month but especially so if you were born under the star signs of Cancer or Leo. It will be of great significance to you if the sum of all the numbers in your date of birth can be reduced to the number four.

A person with the influence of number four will be seen as a strong person of distinctive character. They can be drawn to seek out opportunities that break through the current accepted order and limits.

This can lead to originality, creative inspiration, a spirit of inventiveness and reformation. They may act in an unorthodox manner or with a touch of rebellion.

distinctive character ...a spirit of inventiveness

If not seeking to reform the current situation in some fashion then the number four influence will focus on building within the existing limits.

Practical, constructive energy is applied to build, secure, manufacture and maintain. There can be an eye for detail and a drive to make things efficient and effective.

In all instances the number four influence can denote hard work and applied practical endeavour.

When the number four casts it's influence over your life you will find that knowledge and understanding will be gained through practical life experience. Positive constructive, lasting results will follow if you put in the work, accept responsibility and act with steadfast determination.

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