Astrology Star Sign - Capricorn Star Sign Revealed

Capricorn December 22nd - January 20th

Born under the star sign of Capricorn you have a wonderful capacity to learn from experience. One of the secrets of life for us all to embrace is that our life journey will take us through many situations and life is always throwing opportunities and challenges in our way.

If we open up to the fact that life is our greatest teacher then all our experience be it good or bad is brought before us to enrich our life and help us grow. You more than most see the truth in this and are able to use it your best advantage.

You have a wonderful capacity to learn from experience

There are two sides to your nature that will show themselves and evolve over time - you can be calm, formal and reserved. In your youth you may look and act older than your years. As time moves on the other side of your nature starts to come out and you can be much more relaxed, informal and youthful as you get older.

In reality no matter what your age these two different sides of your nature are always there but time plays its part and for you the outcome is a beneficial one.

You are full of positive qualities that you can draw upon in any situation that life puts you through. No matter what the outcome of each individual turn in your life path every single experience will enrich your life and lead you on towards success.

Capricorn take a step forward... discover your true inner self

Capricorn zodiac - Unlock your destiny

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