Astrology Star Sign - Libra Star Sign Revealed

Libra September 23rd - October 23rd

Born under the star sign of Libra you can work well with most people as you are charming, diplomatic and thoughtful. You like to take care of others but you also like to ensure that you look good too and will put effort into having a smart and stylish appearance.

Below the easy going yet polished surface lies a tougher character than many would suspect. Despite of love of peace and calm you can lose your temper or get grumpy when someone or something displeases you. While you are thoughtful you are also shrewd and you know how to get a good deal.

charming, diplomatic and thoughtful of your key strengths is your intelligence

One of your key strengths is your intelligence. You like to ensure that your active mind is put to work and you can spend a long time considering various options. You also need people in your life and feel lost on your own. In any area of life you will always feel happiest when you are in harmonious surroundings.

For those you care about your love and affection runs very deep and you have no problem in being affectionate and showing your feelings towards those you love.

There is clearly a lot of potential within you and you will seek to find a practical way you can apply your natural intelligence and people skills in your life's journey.

Libra discover your inner self

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