Astrology Star Sign - Leo Star Sign Revealed

Leo July 23rd - August 23rd

Born under the star sign of Leo you can be a life enhancing person, full of energy, warmth and affection. You can organise yourself well and you like to leave an impression. No matter what course you choose to follow in life there will be a touch of drama involved.

For those you care about your love and affection will hold no bounds. Despite a naturally strong persona you will often feel hurt as beneath your vibrant surface there is a very vulnerable side to your nature - one that you might not like to reveal!

...full of energy, warmth and affection

There is a lot of expressive potential within you and you should have some creative and artistic talents that you can draw upon and put to use in your life in some capacity. No matter what your focus in life is you like to get deeply involved as you can get very emotionally engaged in anything you do.

Leo ...reveal how you can best harness your natural gifts and talents

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