Tarot - Major Arcana II - Last Judgement

Meaning of The Last Judgement, Major arcana tarot card

Last Judgement
Last Judgement

As the journey through the cards of the Major Arcana begins to draw to an end it is time for a Last Judgement.

The figures all denote memories from the past. You have the opportunity to review them again now. The past is there for you to see clearly, you can not lay them to rest and be rid of it for good but you can come to terms with any past experiences if they are troubling you and holding back your progress.

By facing up to such matters you will be better equipped to live you life to the full in the ever present moment. By offering you closure the Last Judgement is a healing process. You will feel lighter, renewed and revitalised.

If you are called upon to make a hard decision it will be the final one, you are given the opportunity to change and benefit from a clean break with the past. There will be no going back.

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