Tarot - Major Arcana II - The Moon

Meaning of The Moon, Major arcana tarot card

The Moon
The Moon

The Moon is full of mystery and illusion. It indicates the power of the imagination, the unconcious, the unkown.

The landscape is like a dream or vision of something both familiar yet strange and unreal. A magical realm that is out of the ordinary - fantasy, poetic vision, artistic inspiration, genius that borders on madness, divine inspiraton, gut instincts and intuition. Logic and reason do not apply here.

In the dark shadow filled light of the Moon many strange things can appear to be revealed yet nothing is as it seems. The Moon brings to light a world of emotions, fears, feelings - like the water they ebb and flow.

The Moon can inspire and bewitch. It offers potential for creative insight and looking at the world in a different light. You must remember that it is not the real world, it would be easy to get lost - you must let this world of illusion pass over you so that you can see you path in the true light of the morning sun.

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