Astrology Star Sign - Gemini Star Sign Revealed

Gemini May 22nd - June 21st

Born under the star sign of Gemini you are lively and bright and should be full of curiosity about life. Your love of keeping up with new things can help you stay youthful. You will enjoy communicating and will be drawn to opportunities in both work and play where you can express yourself - especially your thoughts and ideas.

Part of your nature is to be restless and you love variety, however, you can suffer from being a bit of a butterfly - flitting from one thing to the next and never staying around anything too long.

lively and bright... full of curiosity about life

Not only does your attention wander but so too does your general mood. You may be prone to some significant mood swings and you are also capable of doing some major changes in your views and opinions too. In and out of love with something, somebody, some place at the drop of a hat!

In general it is ideas that really attract you and stimulate your active mind. If faced with emotional issues or any situation requiring you to express your real feelings you can get into difficulties. Your communication skills are very good but because of these trait they tend to work best on a general, superficial, non-emotional level.

The thought of life as one long journey with its cycle of ups and downs should be naturally appealing to you as you enjoy adventure and seeing what each new day holds. Let your love of life shines through all that you do and you should have no shortage of friends to tell your stories to.

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